Sage Advice From the Caribbean

Sage Advice From the Caribbean

West Indian Wisdom

is what kept so many of us on the right path growing up. Gran-Gran would be ready to put two hot lashes in we tails if we were out of order. Now that we're older, we come to better understand and appreciate much of the sage advice that rang in our ears for years.

Here are some of the Caribbean proverbs on which we were well raised:

"Day does run til night catch it" unisex t-shirt

"Day Does Run Til Night Catch It"

No matter how hard you try to avoid some things, they are bound to catch up to you.

"Every bread got it cheese" unisex t-shirt

"Every bread got it chesse"

There is a partner out there for everyone.

"Do Fuh Do Ain't Obeah" Unisex T-Shirt

"Do Fuh Do Ain't Obeah"

Some people want to mistreat others and pull all kinds of selfish stunts. They can dish it but they cannot take it. Let them know they should not be offended when they are treated the same way they treated another person.
"Every pig got it Satdee" unisex Caribbean t-shirt 

"Every pig got he Satdee"

The time will come when a man will face what he has coming to him.
Have you ever seen a wicked person get away with his misdeeds? Don't fret yourself. It may be out of your hands but every man meets the fate he deserves. God doh sleep.

"Bird fly too fast; pass him nest" unisex Caribbean t-shirt

"Bird fly too fast; pass him nest"

When you're pursuing your ambitions, focus on moving smartly not swiftly. Don’t be too hasty in your actions. You may end up missing your goal.

"Monkey know which tree to climb" unisex Caribbean t-shirt

"Monkey know which tree to climb"

People know who they can and cannot manipulate.

"If you don't wear out, you would rust out" unisex Caribbean t-shirt

"If yuh don't wear out, yuh will rus' out"

Use it or lose it. Don't let your assets go to waste.

"What don't kill does fatten. What don't fatten does purge" unisex Caribbean t-shirt

"What don't kill does fatten. What don't fatten does purge."

Challenging experiences may be stressful but if they don't kill you, they may enrich your life. If they add no value, then at least they'll flush out things you don't need.

"cat foot soft but he does scratch hard" unisex caribbean t-shirt

"Cat foot soft but he does scratch hard"

Be wary of some people. Not all who seem friendly are harmless.

"do so don't like so" unisex Caribbean t-shirt

"Do so doh like so"

Who is eager to dish it, isn't always ready to take it.

"wuh sweet in de goat mout, does burn he in he bamsy" unisex Caribbean t-shirt

"Wuh sweet in de goat mout, does burn he in he bamsy."

Be cautious when you are getting into situations that may seem too good. What may feel good in the beginning, may not be so good in the end.

"big finga aint gaw know what lil finga do" unisex Caribbean t-shirt

"Big finga ain't gaw know wuh lil finga do"

You don't have to tell people all your private business. Some things are best kept to yourself.

"God don't come but he does send" unisex Bajan t-shirt

"God don't come but He does send"

Count your blessings. Think about all those times you had challenges and somehow you managed to survive. More blessings and good fortune will come your way.


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