About Ultramarine Apparel

Hi, there! Welcome to Ultramarine Apparel!

I'm Sade Euzebe, a proud Barbadian, born and raised. Ever since I moved to Toronto, Ontario in 2014, I missed all the wonderful parts of Bajan life that simply could not be replicated in a big city.

When I left home in the Caribbean, I had to adjust to an environment surrounded by people who do not speak like me. Often I long for those days when I can relax my speech, use my usual colloquialisms and creole, and know that I am surrounded by family.

Ultramarine is born out of my passion to highlight the diversity, beauty and wisdom of West Indian culture and our attitudes as depicted through language. I'm confident it's a passion shared by many West Indians, as we are a bold and colourful people. This brand is a declaration to world that "dis is how we does talk" and we are damn proud of it!

To my West Indian people:

On those occasions when you want to say what you need to say in an authentic West Indian way, say it wid Ultramarine Apparel. #SayItWidUm

To those of you who are not West Indian but who marvel at our various tongues:

There may be times when you read the items on this website and ask "what does it say?" (#WuhUmSeh) Don't be discouraged; I got you covered! I included context in the product descriptions and in the captions of my Instagram and Facebook posts.

Still, if you have a question, I'm here to help. Send me an email or an instant message using the Messenger widget at the bottom on the window.


WI are a melting pot of cultures with a vast catalogue of idioms, proverbs, literature, lyrics and everyday phrases that are beautiful and meaningful and deserve to be celebrated.

WI languages deserve to be celebrated.
WI creoles deserve to be celebrated.
WI colloquialisms deserve to be celebrated.
WI lifestyles deserve to be celebrated.
WI literature deserves to be celebrated.
WI gran gran lessons deserve to be celebrated.

Make it your mission to teach the world to #TalkLikeWI

Join me in celebrating who WI are.

T-shirt with an assortment of Bajan dialectT-shirts reads "day does run til night catch it"